The Team

A caring Culver City orthodontic dream team

Live. Love. Smile.

The people who make the magic happen

Our team takes our mission, to Live, Love and Smile, seriously. We believe strongly that smiling often increases overall quality of life. It’s even scientifically proven: smiling makes you happier. We’re focused on friendly communication and the best orthodontic experience possible.

The team at McComb Orthodontics is certified and regularly uses education time to stay up to date on the latest in orthodontic news and care. Each team member works to make sure that your needs are taken care of. Every step of your experience at McComb Orthodontics is made better by our smiling, knowledgeable staff.

Katie Rogers

Patient Care Coordinator

“I recently moved from Arkansas to Los Angeles and I love it! I have an obsession with dogs, and have a corgi I love to take on hikes and to the dog park. I’m a huge bookworm and stay up past my bedtime almost every night reading a good book or Buzzfeed articles.”

Favorite Food:Veggie Paella
Favorite Book: Harry Potter series (I even named my dog Albus)
Inspirational Person: Emma Watson

Stephanie Linzy

Financial Coordinator

“Sundays are adventure days! Whether it’s hiking or getting lost in the city, I love to explore new places. I also bring my son, aka my sidekick, everywhere I go. I’ve been with McComb orthodontics for over 3 years. As the first employee, I’ve enjoyed watching the office grow into what it is now. I love working with my family (co-workers) everyday. Dr. McComb is an amazing leader who wants to see every single employee excel in what they do. I appreciate how accommodating and open Dr. McComb is too 🙂 ”

Favorite Food: Korean BBQ! and Cheese!
Favorite Book: Anything in the True Crime section
Inspirational Person: Ellen DeGeneres

Kaylie Gordon

Clinical Coordinator

“Easily excitable and loves making people smile. Was the mascot and sang in quite a few musicals in high school… nerd alert! Loves to do anything artistic: paint, draw, sing, dance, build forts, etc.”

Favorite Food: Sushi & beef jerky (not necessarily together… that would be weird)
Favorite Book: Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas (really any sappy love story)
Inspirational Person: My step-dad

Dr. Ryan McComb

Orthodontist, DMD MS

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter
Favorite Book: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
Inspirational Person: Nelson Mandela

Meet Dr. Ryan McComb

Our team loves making people smile