Lingual Braces Cost

We know money matters - and we'll make sure you can afford lingual braces

The cost for lingual braces varies based upon each patient’s treatment needs

Lingual braces traditionally cost significantly more than regular braces

However, at McComb Orthodontics we know that many patients want the most esthetic treatment option possible with affordable monthly payments. Our fees for InBrace lingual braces typically range from $6330 to $8330. Many insurance plans will help offset the cost of Lingual Braces, and free extended financing options through our office will ensure your monthly payments are affordable. Since treatment fees vary based on your specific needs, we encourage anyone interested in lingual braces to come in for a free lingual braces consultation with Dr. McComb.

Lingual Braces Cost Scenario

After Kristen’s free consultation at McComb Orthodontics she decided to go with lingual braces on her upper teeth and clear braces on her lower teeth for an estimated 18 months

  • Treatment: Lingual / Clarity
  • Total Cost: $7330
  • Total Cost After Promotion: $6830
  • Down Payment: 2 Installments of $750
  • Monthly: $222/mo for 24 months
Kristen’s total investment is $7330. She received the New Office Promotion of $500 off her treatment, leaving her balance at $6830. Her down payment covers the lab fee of $1500. She opted to split her down payment into two equal payments: $750 due when Dr. McComb took her impressions and $750 due when the braces were put on the following month. Kristen also benefited from the in-house interest free financing for 24 months, making her monthly payments only $222/mo. Learn more about our flexible payment plans and insurance information.